Information regarding the API key

To activate Payconiq on your cash register or payment system (webshop, etc.) and to send your future payments securely to Payconiq, your provider needs a unique key or "API key".
This key is your personal access code to activate Payconiq and - after signing for the contract - you will receive a secure e-mail from the e-mail address You will then also receive an e-mail with the instructions you need to open this secure e-mail. For more information about activation with this key, you can also contact the provider of your cash register system.

IMPORTANT! To be able to begin Payconiq transactions from your cash register system, your provider will need a connection with Payconiq. Take a look HERE to see all providers that already offer Payconiq.
If your provider does not yet have a connection, you can refer them to our 'partner' page and we'll be happy to help them on their way.

Other FAQs