Obligation to keep company data up-to-date

To prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism, Payconiq International N.V. is required under European and Belgian law to check the identity of all users of the Payconiq payment service - including all companies that offer Payconiq as a means of payment. These checks are part of the customer investigation or Customer Due Diligence process.
Read more here for more information about exactly what this process involves for you.
The checks conducted by Payconiq International N.V. are carried out both when a new merchant connects to Payconiq and on a regular basis to make sure that the documents and details of your company are still current.
When we last checked, it appears that the details of your organisation were incomplete or no longer current. For that reason, we sent you an e-mail asking you to update the details of your company or association by way of a new contract.
This is purely an administrative issue that has no effect on you accepting Payconiq payments in your business. However, under the legislation, your details must be updated within a strictly defined period. So be sure to adhere to the cut-off dates stated in all communication sent to you. If your details are not updated within the period set, Payconiq International N.V. will be required to terminate the agreement unilaterally.
If you have any questions about this process and how it works, simply contact our helpdesk via info@payconiq.be or call +32 (0)2 793 01 43

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