I received an e-mail asking me to update my company details. Will this impact my payments?

To prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, Bancontact Payconiq Company NV/SA is required by law to verify all user identities. 

This verification takes place when new traders first join, and subsequently on a regular basis after that. That way, we can be sure that all data is up to date. Are your details out of date or do your business details need to be reviewed? If so, you will receive an email asking you to update this information. That currently has no impact on accepting and processing Payconiq payments for your business. 

Please note, however, that in line with legislation, your data must be updated within a certain period of time. So it is important to do so on time. If you do not, Bancontact Payconiq Company NV/SA will be obliged to unilaterally terminate the agreement.

Do you still have any questions or do you need a little help? please don't hesitate to get in touch with the helpdesk now using our contact form.

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