Payconiq GO

Discover the Payconiq GO app for merchants.

3 good reasons to offer Payconiq in your business

Smooth payments

Your customers only need the Payconiq by Bancontact app on their smartphone. You can choose to simply work with your own smartphone, tablet or computer. You can track all transactions live, on your merchants’ portal.

No hidden costs

The cost per transaction is 6 cents for a payment in a store, or 20 cents for an online payment. This will be invoiced to you monthly. On a yearly basis, an operating fee of 18 € will be invoiced per merchant account. 

Certain of your transaction

Payconiq is safe and secure: as a merchant, you immediately know with every transaction whether the transaction succeeded. What’s more, you no longer need cash in your till. Those evening trips to the bank will become a thing of the past. Which makes it both more secure and very convenient.

Inspiration for your business

Our solutions

For a single fixed location or genuinely anywhere

Want customers to be able to pay in your business using their smartphone? No problem – even if you don’t have a cash register. You can even do it if you don’t have a fixed location for your business and are always out on the road! Payconiq has the right solution for everyone. Yes, including for associations, sports clubs, etc.

For a single fixed location or genuinely anywhere

For your website or in your app

Want to avoid your customers having to fish out their card reader to make a payment on your website or with your app? With the Payconiq QR code or payment button, they can pay securely with their PC, smartphone or tablet. It’s a lot quicker, too!

For your website or in your app

For your invoices

Did you know that your customers pay their invoices much more quickly if you offer them a QR code? You also avoid errors when entering the amount, account number or message. Your customers simply scan, confirm and it’s done!

For your invoices

For your charity

Receive donations for your charity via Payconiq’s “Scan & Donate” solution. You can easily create a Payconiq QR code for your donation project and print it on the media of your choice: letters, flyers, T-shirts, posters, you name it. All necessary details to send out tax certificates when your campaign is finished will be available via the dedicated “Scan & Donate” portal.

For your charity

What are merchants saying about Payconiq?

Bart - Bakkerij Excellence

"The last couple of years, our habits have changed. More and more people want to be able to pay with their smartphone."

What are merchants saying about Payconiq?

Oceane - Vet&Go

"As a veterinarian, hygiene is very important to me. That’s why I always suggest paying with Payconiq."

What are merchants saying about Payconiq?

Thierry - Tea Time Café

"Nowadays, you make a reservation with your smartphone, you look up the menu with your smartphone and you order with your smartphone … Of course, you pay the bill with your smartphone as well ;)"

What are merchants saying about Payconiq?

Colin – Yyoga

"I want to put all my energy into my clients. Luckily, Payconiq was very easy to install and I don’t lose any time using it."

What are merchants saying about Payconiq?

Klaudia - Tropical Joy

"People got used to pay with their smartphone. They can’t do without anymore … and neither can I!"

What are merchants saying about Payconiq?

Adélaïde - Cozy-Bee

"Personally, I want to make my life as easy as possible. And since my clients are on the same page, mobile payment is the ideal solution. It’s fast and easy."

What are merchants saying about Payconiq?

Isabelle - La Blanche Ferme

"My customers sometimes forget their wallets. But their smartphones are always in their pockets."

What are merchants saying about Payconiq?

The Payconiq toolbox

Can we help?

Want to group your payments? Need help with your CODA statement? Questions about your connection? We’re there to help you with all your questions.

Promotional material

How can you tell your customers that you accept Payconiq in your business? Discover our handy tips and download promotional material for encouraging customers to make mobile payments.

Merchant portal

Payconiq offers you all sorts of possibilities. Find out how easy it is to track incoming payments, download transaction lists – and much more. 

For developers

Get to work yourself on integrating Payconiq into your payment system, or send all of the information required to your existing provider.