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Paying between friends is easy with the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Need to reimburse someone yourself or receive money from someone else? Read how it works below. 

Need to pay back a friend or someone owes you money? Send or receive money smoothly via the Payconiq by Bancontact app.

How to reimburse friends

From the contacts list

Contacts who also use the Payconiq by Bancontact app will be found in your app's contact list. This way, you can easily pay them remotely.  

  1. Open your app and tap 'Pay'.  
  2. Tap 'Contacts' and select the person you want to pay.  
  3. Enter the amount you need to pay.   
  4. Confirm your payment and done!  

With a QR code

Is the person you need to pay near you? Then he/she can create a QR code.  

  1. You open your app and scan your friend's QR code.  
  2. Check the amount.   
  3. Confirm the payment and done!  

How to receive money from friends

With a payment request 

 You can easily create a payment request so one or more people can reimburse you remotely.  

  1. Open your app and tap 'Receive'.  
  2. Tap 'Create a payment request'.  
  3. Enter the amount to be received and add a message if necessary.  
  4. Share the request with the person(s) who should reimburse you. One payment request can be paid by a maximum of 30 people.  

Did you know you can also easily split the bill with the app? Did you advance the bill in a restaurant or bar? Tap on ‘Receive’ and then on ‘Split the bill’. Select the bill that you want to split. Indicate in how many parts you want to divide it, and share it with your friends. 

With a QR code  

Is the person who needs to pay you back nearby? Then you can create a QR code with your app.  

  1. Open your app and tap 'Receive'.  
  2. Tap 'Create a QR code'.  
  3. Enter the amount to receive.  
  4. The person that needs to pay you scans the QR code and checks the amount.   
  5. He confirms the payment and it’s done!