Give your customers the possibility to pay mobile with their meal vouchers in your shop. Find out how it works and how to activate or request it.  

Accepting payments with meal vouchers through Payconiq ? You can! We are working with the three meal vouchers providers: Edenred, Monizze and Sodexo.  

Today, this solution is available via the Payconiq QR code on a sticker. This gives you the opportunity to accept payments with electronic meal vouchers in an economical way, an additional means of payment for your customers.  

It is not yet possible to accept payments via meal vouchers with Payconiq on your payment terminal or cash register system. Today, this is only possible via the QR code on a sticker.  

How does the payment work?

You receive immediate confirmation after a payment in your Payconiq merchant portal. You will see a distinction between your normal Payconiq payments and payments made via Edenred, Monizze and/or Sodexo.  

You receive the money paid with meal vouchers directly via Edenred, Monizze and/or Sodexo. The transaction costs of the payments with meal vouchers are also handled by your meal voucher provider(s). 

How does the payment work?

How to activate or ask this solution? 

Do you already accept Payconiq via a QR code on a sticker and are you already accepting one or more meal voucher brands via a terminal?  

Then we will activate the meal voucher payments of your provider(s) automatically in your Payconiq account.

You do not have Payconiq yet?

You do not yet accept meal vouchers?

Apply for meal vouchers here!  

Do you have other questions?

Do you have other questions?