I have multiple Payconiq merchant accounts (MerchantIDs) for my business. How can I merge these accounts?

It’s possible to merge your Payconiq merchant accounts if those accounts have the same IBAN and enterprise number. 

In case the IBAN or enterprise number differs, for these accounts it is not possible to merge the accounts. 

This is how you proceed  

To merge or delete your Payconiq merchant accounts, please send an email to info@payconiq.be. In this email, specify which account(s) you wish to keep and which account(s) should be deleted. 

Please note that changes to a Payconiq merchant account will impact the Payconiq payment solution (sticker/integration) you use in your business. As a result, these will no longer function.  

In order to continue offering Payconiq to your customers, the following actions should be taken depending on the Payconiq payment solution provided in your business:  

  • If you are using the Payconiq sticker solution, you can always print a new Payconiq QR code via the merchant portal. 
  • For Payconiq integrations, after the change, you need to contact your integrator to finalize the setup. 

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