How does Payconiq work?

Payconiq is a payment service that allows you to receive payments based on a QR code. Your customers scan this QR code with the Payconiq by Bancontact app or another payment app that supports Payconiq, and confirm the amount to be paid. The payments are then transferred to your bank account. You can track incoming Payconiq payments in real-time through the merchant portal, a website that you can access from any device.

In general, a Payconiq payment follows three steps:

  1. Your customer scans the QR code.
  2. Your customer enters (if required by your Payconiq solution) the amount or simply confirms the amount displayed on their smartphone screen.
  3. Your customer confirms the payment.

For more information about our solutions and the Payconiq solutions we offer through our partners, you can visit our website.

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