I’m seeing this error message: ‘Your device does not meet our security requirements. Please see

  • If you're using an Android device, check the following settings and adjust them if necessary. This will solve the problem in most cases.
  • Make sure that all developer options are switched off, including the USB error reporting. You can adjust this option in 'Developer options' in 'Settings'.
  • Make sure that your device is not 'rooted'. If the operating system is an Android variant (also called a 'custom ROM'), such as LineageOS or Pixel Experience, then the Payconiq by Bancontact app cannot be installed for security reasons.
  • If you are using iOS, your device must not be 'jailbroken'.

If the problem persists, you are probably using an unknown device or a very recent model that is not yet configured in our app server. If this happens, go to the contact form on our website or in the app (main menu) and provide us with more information about the manufacturer, model and version of your device's operating system.

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