I can’t add my Bancontact card to the app. / I receive an error message when I try to add my Bancontact card to the app.

To add your Bancontact card to the app, it's important to use the official card reader from your bank. 

Check whether you manually entered the complete card number and expiration date in your app. Afterward, confirm your card details through the official card reader provided by your bank. 


In some cases, you may receive an error message indicating that your bank refuses to confirm your Bancontact card. 

This could have the following causes: 

Cause 1: Your Bancontact card does not allow e-commerce and/or online payments.
How to resolve? You can usually adjust this setting yourself in your bank app. 

Cause 2: You are not connected to a Belgian telecom network or you are using a public network.
How to resolve? Ensure that you are connected to a Belgian 4G network. 

Cause 3: You recently received a new Bancontact card and have not activated it yet.
How to resolve? Activate your new Bancontact card by making a payment where you enter your PIN code (not contactless). Afterward, you can add the card in the app. 


Are you still experiencing issues adding your Bancontact card? Contact your bank. They will further investigate why your card was declined. 

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