I don’t have enough balance on my meal vouchers to pay, can I complete the payment with my bank account?

Absolutely! We've made paying with meal vouchers even easier. If the balance of your meal vouchers is lower than the amount to be paid, the remaining amount will be paid with your bank account linked to Payconiq. You do not have to make a second payment, this payment with your bank account linked to Payconiq will be processed in the same scan as the payment with your meal vouchers.

Are there products in your shopping basket that you cannot pay for with meal vouchers? Even then the split between a payment with meal vouchers and with Payconiq is automatically made for you.

The feature to pay with meal vouchers is automatically ticked in the payment overview of the app. But this option can always be unchecked if you prefer to pay the full amount with your bank account.

Find out exactly how the feature works here.

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