Identify Payconiq payments in CODA

Payconiq uses transfers or SEPA Credit Transfers to pay the transactions conducted in your business into your bank account. This means that they will also be indicated in your CODA file as transfers and will have no specific Payconiq code.
However, the structure of the message for Payconiq transactions is fixed and so always appears in the same way in your CODA file. Here are 2 options:
- If your transactions are paid individually or separately into your bank account, the structure looks like this:
Payconiq (8 characters) + Transaction reference (24 characters) + store name (max. 23 characters) + Reference (max. 35 characters) + message (max. 46 characters)
*Example CODA NON bulk*

- If your transactions are paid in grouped form into your bank account, the structure looks like this:
Date of the transactions (8 characters) + payment reference (24 characters) + grouping reference or Bulk ID (max. 35 characters) + PQ BulkRecon (9 characters) + your Payconiq connection number (24 characters)

Do you reconcile automatically?
In order to teach your accounting system to recognise Payconiq transactions, we recommend that you do this on the basis of "Payconiq" or "PQ" statement in the message. This is located at position 1 (for individual payment) or between positions 39 and 70 for grouped payments.

If you use a Bulk ID with grouped payments (for example to split the payment per cash register, store point, etc.) and want to read them out automatically, please remember that all of the Bulk IDs used must also have characters. That way, you maintain a fixed structure for all payments and avoid shifts that prevent the CODA file from being read correctly.

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