How do I recognise a Payconiq transaction on my statement for individual disbursements?

Payconiq uses wire transfers to pay out the transactions carried out in your business to your bank account. In your CODA file, these are referred to as ordinary transfers, and they do not carry a specific Payconiq code.

Please note, that the notification format for Payconiq transactions always appears in the same way in your CODA file.

  • If you select the individual transaction payout option, it will appear as follows:

Payconiq (8 characters) + transaction reference (24 characters) + shop name (max. 23 characters) + reference (max. 35 characters) + message (max. 46 characters)

  • If you select the grouped transaction payout option, it will appear as follows: 

Date of transactions (8 characters) + payout reference (24 characters) + grouping reference or Bulk ID (up to 35 characters) + PQ BulkRecon (9 characters) + your Payconiq affiliation number (24 characters)

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