No transaction fees in May and June

publish date
30 April 2019

A customer who finds their ultimate sales bargain with you, the perfect last minute break, that one object they’ve been looking for for years. A crying shame if such a magical moment goes up in smoke just because they don’t have cash or their bank card with them. And a pity for you too.

With the new Payconiq by Bancontact app, that kind of missed opportunity is a thing of the past. With the app, on the spot payments are surprisingly easy for your customers with their phones. Because if there’s one thing that’s always in their pocket… it’s their smartphone!

To launch our new app and to communicate its versatile mobile payment options, we’re currently running a major campaign. On TV, the launch commercial tells how a fledgling love story has just been saved by the Payconiq by Bancontact app. In addition, the app’s 3 payment methods (in shops, online and between friends) are presented on radio, digital posters, cinema posters and an extensive social media online campaign through search and display bannering.

This national campaign will encourage your customers to pay easily and securely with the Payconiq by Bancontact app. As a result, demand for paying in your shop with our app is sure to increase quickly.

Payconiq also has a promotion ready for retailers: no Payconiq transaction charges in May and June. So you pay 0 cents per Payconiq transaction in May and June. Isn’t that magic?

You can also watch the TV commercial here