Bancontact Payconiq Company introduces: the Payconiq GO app for merchants

publish date
30 November 2023

By popular demand, the Payconiq GO smartphone app for merchants.

Looking for an app for all your mobile Payconiq Payconiq payments as merchant? With the Payconiq GO app, you, as the merchant, simply enter the amount to be paid. All your customer has to do is scan the QR code and confirm the payment. The payment confirmation immediately appears on your screen. Really handy! 

For merchants who are not familiar with apps, or who prefer to offer the solution on a tablet or checkout screen, Payconiq GO will also be available online. In this way, as a merchant, you have the same possibilities without needing to install the Payconiq GO app. 

Go to the website to find out all about the Payconiq GO smartphone app for merchants. 

Read the full press release here