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Acceptance Mark in Point of Sales Guidelines

We made this guide to help all Payconiq’s stakeholders (merchants, financial institutions and partners) accurately use and apply the Payconiq acceptance mark and the Payconiq by Bancontact product brand across all touchpoints. Because using the mark and brand correctly and consistently is key to ensure a seamless experience for consumers when interacting with and experiencing the brand.

The basics


‘Payconiq’ is used when referring to the payment method accepted by the merchant (and shown through the ‘Payconiq’ acceptance mark).

Payconiq by Bancontact

‘Payconiq by Bancontact’ is used when referring to the app Payconiq by Bancontact a consumer uses to pay with.



It’s important to keep the right colour balance.


Use the same font for all our brand applications.

Logo’s and how to use them

Let the logo breathe.

Use among other acceptance marks

How to use the brand in combination with other acceptance marks.

Since Payconiq is the number one mobile payment brand in Belgium, we always position the logo first in the list.

QR code

A modern and fresh magenta QR code.

The Payconiq QR is a branded QR code with a Payconiq logo and Payconiq magenta color. The branding of the QR gives trust and makes it easy for our consumers to recognize that they can pay with Payconiq by Bancontact. Instead of black we use our darkest shade of magenta for the QR code to match our primary color but still keeping the contrast.


On a sticker - no amount

When offering Payconiq without a fixed amount, customers just have to scan the QR code.

On a display - cash register

This is a QR code that is tied to an API integration which will generate a unique QR code upon each transaction on the display of the cash register.

On a display - kiosk

This is a QR code that is tied to an API integration which will generate a unique QR code upon each transaction on the display of the cash register.

On a terminal

The terminal requires a branding frame around the QR code: consisting of a magenta border and the Payconiq logo. The frame is available in PNG or SVG.

On a receipt

Please note that the style of the QR code does not follow the default rules as described in the basics. That’s why the QR code on the receipt is placed in black with the recognizable infinity icon and Payconiq by Bancontact app icon.

On a sticker - fixed amount

Even when you use a fixed payment amount, for example in case of donations, Payconiq is the perfect solution.


Payment button on a checkout page

Online purchases can be paid easily, fast and safely by offering Payconiq as a payment method on your checkout page.

Scanning the QR code

With custom implementation, the retailer has complete control of the flow and embedding of the API. While retailers can control some predefined data, there should still be a consistent experience.



Display the QR code on the invoice in the typical magenta box at all times. This to give an explanation of how to pay the invoice. Pay special attention to the optimal QR code size for optimal scanning.


Door sticker

Using Payconiq as a payment method in store is easy, user-friendly and fast for both clients and merchants. Use this sticker to make sure consumers know they can pay with the Payconiq by Bancontact app.


for treating our brand with love!