I usually pay with the same card. Can I set this card as my favourite?

If you have linked several Bancontact cards to the Payconiq by Bancontact app, the app will automatically designate one card as your 'favourite'.

Would you like to designate your favourite card yourself? Go to the main menu and select the 'Payment Methods' option. Tap on 'Change order' and then drag the chosen card to the top of the list. The app will regard the card at the top of the list as your favourite.

If you do nothing, the app will automatically choose the first card that was registered (regardless of how many cards you subsequently add). If the first card is deleted from the app, the next card in the list will be designated as your favourite.

Would you like to pay using a card other than your favourite? No problem. You can do this by tapping on the arrow to the right of the card number in the transaction details screen. This will open up a list of available cards below. Select the card that you wish to use.