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The following error message is displayed: ‘Your device does not meet our security requirements. Please check the frequently asked questions for information about your device settings.’ How can I resolve this?

Are you using an Android device? Please check the settings below and modify them if necessary. This will resolve the issue in most cases.

  • All developer options must be disabled, including USB debugging. You can make these changes in 'Developer options' under 'Settings'.
  • Your device must not be 'rooted'. If you are using an iOS device, your device must not be 'jailbroken'.

Read more about 'jailbroken' devices here.

If the above changes do not solve the issue, it is likely that you are using either an unknown phone or a very recent model which has not yet been configured on our app server. In that case, fill in the contact form on our website or in the app (main menu) providing information about the make, model and operating system version of your phone.